Automatic doors are definitely something we take for granted. They’ve been around for so long we’ve never really asked ourselves for how long or where they came from. Thankfully, we’ve done the dirty work for you and found out 3 things you probably didn’t know about automatic doors.

automatic doors

·     The idea of an automatic door was brought up…¡2.000 years ago!

It may seem that automatic doors are the epitome of modern-era technology but the truth is that the renown inventor Hero of Alexandria had the idea way back in the day. Known for creating the world’s first vending machine and the aeolopile (a precarious kind of engine), he designed another engine that used water steam to open temple doors.


Fast forward to the beginning of the 20th century (when electric energy was the predominant force in engineering), a young C.G. Johnson created the first ascending automatic garage door.


·     The biggest automatic door covers over 800 ft

The bigger the better, right? Well, that seems to be what they thought for a house in Mexico. Can you imagine an automatic door that goes all the way around a house? Weighing in at 4.000 kg, this is the largest automatic door we know of.


·     There’s “bootleg” automatic doors

Everyone wants a piece of the action once they see a market become successful. Automatic doors have become a thing and some fabricants want to get the gains without abiding the safety regulations. These regulations are established to guarantee safety for users of automatic doors and they affect internal design, accessibility and other protection factors.


Some fabricants decide to launch automatic doors that do not comply with these regulations and result in a much lower price, luring potential buyers into purchasing these “bootleg” automatic doors. Beware of these imitations and be sure to buy automatic doors and its components at specialized firms.


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